What to add to your wardrobe this Winter. 
The most outlandish Winter 2018 accessory seen on the catwalks had to be Gucci’s baby dragons! 
So, instead of dragons we bring you the major accessories trends for Winter 2018 for women. 
1. Big handbags 
Spice-Girl-turned-fashion-designer Victoria Beckham joked she had created bags so big for her Winter 2018 collection that she would be able to fit all of her children inside! We’re not sure about that. Think weekend bags, slouch shoulder bags, oversized back packs – basically bags you can lose your keys in! 
2. Bright handbags 
If you’re not keen on lugging a huge handbag and all of its contents around (and, let’s face it, who wants to carry that around all day?), then another big (although, actually smaller) trend for Winter 2018 is the brightly coloured handbag. 
The brighter the better, opt for this seasons key colours in forest green, khaki, red and the oh so popular mustard to update any look. 
3. Leaves 
What could be more appropriate for autumn than designs featuring autumnal leaves? This is definitely one of my favourite trends for the season. Leaves were in designs of brooches, necklaces and earrings, scarves, socks – anything goes as long as its leaves! 
4. Chandelier earrings 
Who doesn’t need a bit of bling for the festive season. Tassel earrings are still here for winter after being the biggest earwear trend for summer. But the oversized chandelier earrings are now perfect for Christmas and New Year parties. Pair with a little black (or navy) dress, and you’re good to go! 
5. Scarves everywhere 
Silk scarves are the inspiration for flowing dresses this winter so it is no surprise that silk scarves featured heavily as a top accessorie in 2018. But, mix it up a little, while there were plenty of scarves worn around the neck, also use them as bag straps, headwear, belts and even as unconventional ways to tie shoes! 
6. Colorful gloves 
This is a trend that is so stylish. Colourful gloves are back, dress up ladies, dare to be different and go bold, embellished and stunning. Be ladylike! 
7. Chainlink 
Chains are back….on bags, belts & jewlellery. you Team a statement chainlink necklace over a white shirt for an instant 2018 update. 
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8. Flowers 
Flowers feature heavily in the clothing trends for Winter 2018, so too were they a big inspiration when it came to accessories. Valentino uses flowers on evening bags while Chanel made bags which were in the shape of flowers. 
Meanwhile, Dolce and Gabbana, which always showcases such beautiful bling, adorned models with floral brooches. So if it’s floral you are bang on trend. 
9. Pretty pearls 
What could go better with some of the other heritage trends, such as plaid and silk scarves, than pearls? Often seen as something old-fashioned, pearls have definitely made a stylish comeback for Winter 2018, seen in earrings, necklaces, and even belts. 
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