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Ruby and the Angel are pleased to offer all our customers the chance to indulge in the styling services offered by Tammy, founder of our sister company Simply Stylish. 
Tammy has over 30 year’s experience in the wonderfully exciting world of fashion and the spa industry and has always been interested in style and wellness to ensure we try to live to our full potential, enjoying life and bring happiness to ourselves and those that we meet. 
Using her insider expertise from more than 30 years in the fashion and beauty industries – as well as 15 years as a counsellor – Tammy provides a full image overhaul that turns self-consciousness into self-confidence. 
Customers can get their wardrobe whipped into shape with Simply Stylish body image services, which include colour analysis and wardrobe assessment packages that match your personal profile with the perfect clothes (even the underwear!), and there’s also personal shopping sessions for that new look or for outfits for special occasions. 
“My experience in the fashion and spa industry has made me realise you can’t treat the body without treating the mind,” says Tammy, who is known for her no-nonsense, kind and honest approach to styling. "It’s easy to have a makeover or buy a new dress, but to carry it off we need to feel confident on the inside too”. 
Perhaps you’ve hit a milestone birthday and don’t feel as confident as you once did, or you’ve got into a rut with your wardrobe? Maybe you need some space to find that new you after taking a career break? Or could it be your style that needs the overhaul? If the answer is yes, we could have the key to helping you become purely and Simply Stylish. 

COLOUR ANALYSIS - 1 hour - £75 

“The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you” 
Coco Chanel 
I take the time to look at your natural hair colour, eye colouring and skin tone to start working out the best colours to complement you and make you look vibrant and glowing.  
We discuss and fill in a questionnaire about the colours you feel safe wearing, the colours you are attracted to, the ones you avoid and why! 


“Love the fun of clothes, not the status of fashion” 
Ralph Lauren 
This experience is for anyone, male or female, needing guidance to either add pieces to their existing wardrobe or when shopping for a specific outfit for an occasion such as Ascot, a wedding, a date or an interview. Have you just got that promotion you so deserved and it means you need a whole new work wardrobe? 
You may be returning to the work place after a break and need a little help build confidence about what looks great on you. Recovering from surgery or illness and not sure of your own unique style anymore? Are you a bride or groom needing some help choosing your wedding dress or suit? Anyone needing help to release their inner fashion diva, be confident in what suits you, realise your style potential, then personal shopping is for you and is exactly that – personal to you! As a stylist I give honest, kind advice about what suits you. 


“Buy less, choose well, make it last” 
Vivienne Westwood 
This session is where I get to know you, enabling me to gain a very clear picture of what is required to get the best results from your styling & wardrobe assessment. 
I will email you a questionnaire to complete for me, this helps me to discover where you are today, your clothes and style choices to date and the image you currently portray. This will also help me start to work out your body image profile so we can ensure we use the very best pieces to enhance your shape. 
I then visit your home and we sort through what you already have in your wardrobe - what works, what doesn't and chat about what you would like to see in your wardrobe in the future! Wardrobe includes clothes, shoes, boots and accessories and we can go as far as sorting the underwear – it should never be forgotten! 


“Fashion changes, style endures” 
Coco Chanel 
This 8 hour experience includes a colour analysis session, styling and wardrobe assessment, personal shopping experience and a FREE express body wrap of your choice. 


“Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment, where you’re going” 
Pharrell Williams 
The teenage years are exciting, wonderful, stimulating and confusing! Bodies change, self-esteem soars then dips, confidence grows then disappears however through it all the teen years are about developing a personal style. 
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