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COMING SOON....Solid Cologne UK (SCUK) 
Solid Cologne UK was launched in mid 2016. Solid cologne is a solid wax based cologne/aftershave for men. In contrast with the traditional liquid bottle cologne we introduced a natural wax and skin friendly cologne which is applied directly on to the skin. 
The original idea was based on those who travelled often and had a problem of spilling the liquid colognes or often were not allowed to take them on board with their hand luggage. SCUK felt a solution was needed for this. After much trial and error they finally came up with Solid Cologne UK. Although this cool concept was very popular amongst the ancient Egyptians, they decided to re-introduce the concept with our own twist. 
We will be stocking 5 colognes and the 3 women’s scents. These colognes have the highest quality of natural ingredients including Beeswax, Shea butter & Jojoba oil. which all support and protect the skin. 
Benefits: To highlight, these highly concentrated wax fragrances are portable, natural and moisturizing. Easy to apply and handy too. Perfect for carrying in your pocket or gym bag and you can travel on aircraft with this range. Discreetly packaged, application is fast and easy. Whip it out in the office, on the bus or in a crowded club/bar. 
The scents are by no means overbearing, they are subtle but refreshing which are identified within close proximity. The blend of various notes within our solid colognes tend to stay on the skin which allows the fragrance to evolve throughout the day while interacting with your body temperature. 
Each of the small pocket sized sliding tins have a certain aura about them, which will leave you feeling like a true gent! 
Not yet convinced ….. read on! 
“With many different colognes to choose from, you can certainly adapt (or even mix and match) these fragrances to your mood thus channelling your inner masculinity, without them being too overpowering. 
The packaging comes in a sleek, pocket-sized sliding black 18ml tin, perfect no matter how small your luggage is. 
The products are not tested on animals and are even handmade in London. They are easy to apply, making them ideal for those times when you are on the go. 
The fragrances are long-lasting, as well as rather timeless and elegant. There is something rather special about carrying around one of these tins, which allows you to dab a bit here and there in order to freshen up anywhere. We heartily recommend these solid colognes they are not just reserved for us boys – the girls seem to love them too! All the colognes can be bought individually or in packs” – Amazing PR London 
Keep watching our online website shop and facebook page for news of when they land. 
About bollox underwear 
A quality brand of men’s boxer shorts supporting men’s cancer charities. bollox first product was the high quality black and white boxers for you to wear at every occasion. Since then they have launched many new colours. These boxers show a lot about you – you know style, you know a good brand, and you LOOK AFTER YOURSELF. By buying a pair of these boxer shorts you are helping to raise money and awareness of men’s health. 
Founded in 2013, bollox had a vision to provide men with more knowledge about their health as well as giving you a new fashionable look. We believe it is important you look good at every layer. bollox offers both style and sophistication, whilst maintaining durability and quality. bollox boxer shorts not only give you the comfort you deserve but they also have the added bonus of supporting men’s cancer charities, helping to raise awareness. 
Offering a unique, risque style, bollox is aiming to take the boxer short market to the next level. Help us to help cure cancer, by purchasing a pair of bollox and spread the awareness mens health needs. 
The Idea 
“The bollox idea had been rattling around for 4 years or so, then after cycling the London to Brighton for the ‘British Heart Foundation’ in 2012 and raising £500 I got a real buzz out of raising money for a charity. 
So that was it – I loved the name and it fits so well with cancers that hits plenty of guys – Testicular, Prostate and Penile. The rest seemed quite a natural thing to do… it’s had to be a product that every guy would love to wear, and raised money for a cause that affects us guys. So with the help of my wife and family the bollox concept started…. from the sketchy drawings and messy scribbles, to where we they are at the moment, the aim of the brand is to not only be recognised as a Charity raising brand but also be a ‘must have’ item, a product which you want to show off to your friends, family and strangers in the street.” 
– Daren Elsley, Founder 
bollox boxers are available in store when we re open on Tuesdya 16th June and will be online soon. Remember Fathers day and help save lives. 
Money raised when purchasing your very own bollox goes to the charities below. If you have any concerns or need advice, contact these fantastic charities that can support you and answer any questions. 
If you notice any lumps, bumps or changes, make an appointment with your GP immediately. 
UCARE (Urology Cancer Research and Education) is an independent charity committed to improving the treatment and care of cancer patients through research and education. 
In 2017 we celebrated 10 years of finding new ways to fight cancer. Urological cancers include penile, prostate and testicular cancer. 
Prostate Cancer UK 
Prostate Cancer UK's top priority is funding research to stop prostate cancer killing men. We’re investing millions to find better treatments and better tests that can spot fast-growing cancers early, and could be used in a screening programme to save thousands of lives. 
Orchid is the UK’s leading charity working on behalf of anyone affected by or interested in male cancer – prostate, testicular and penile cancer. Established in 1996 by testicular cancer patient, Colin Osborne MBE and the oncologist who saved his life, Professor Tim Oliver, Orchid exists to save men’s lives from male cancer through a range of support services, education and awareness campaigns and a pioneering research programme. 
30% off Everything* 
As we plan to reopen Ruby and the Angel we are doing it with a bang and offering you 30% off everything* as a thank you for your continued support through COVID-19.  
We really appreciate the messages of encouragement, the comments on our window displays, the online and telephone purchases that have helped us in very uncertain times.  
Now we are coming back, bigger and better with a enthusiasm and gratitude for our small shop with big heart, our wonderful customers and our loyal community....this was always the intention........and we are raring to go! 
We will open cautiously following COVID-19 secure shopping guidelines with the following in place for the safety of our staff, customers and the community: 
🌈Hand washing station 🚰 sink, antibac soap & disposable hand towels available for customers and staff ✔️ 
🌈Sneeze guard to protect staff and customers when making payments✔️ 
🌈Increased contactless amounts ✔️ 
🌈Deep clean done ✔️ 
🌈Daily cleaning routines in place during trading hours✔️ 
🌈 A Ruby and the Angel Click/Phone and Collect system will be up and running ✔️ 
🌈Out of hours personnel shopping appointments can be booked just contact Tammy on 07825727998 or email ✔️ 
🌈Social distancing will be adhered to if required ✔️ 
🌈 1 in. 1 out system for our customers and waiting on our outside chairs is welcomed 
🌈An extended return policy so you can take and try clothing at home knowing that if it is returned it will wait until it returns to the shop floor 
🌈Antibacterial wipes available and used on all surfaces, hands, door handles etc ✔️ 
🌈Our online shop will be bigger and better than ever, so you can buy at the click of the button, from your sofa and take advantage of free postage or free delivery to your doorstep in Debenham ✔️ 
🌈We will be open on shorter hours to monitor shopping habits and to give us the opportunity to deep clean daily and give us availability for personnal shopping appointments to be made for the vunerable ✔️ 
June opening hours will be Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 4pm and will be reviewed for July. 
Shopping small. Supporting local. The cool thing to do! 
We look forward to seeing you all very soon, in the meantime stay safe, stay alert and stay well. 
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