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To launch Ruby and the Angel ECO we are offering you 30% off all our FAITH IN NATURE products. 
Just shop online and enter the discount code PLANETLOVE at checkout and we do the rest by then organising collections from us or free local delivery or the chance to refill your bottles at collection. Making small steps to be more planet friendly could not be easier! 
Faith In Nature started back in 1974. They had a vision of what could be possible one day. A belief that the best companies could be ethical. That natural could be affordable. That doing right by the planet and its people was not only a choice, but a duty. Change doesn't always come quickly. But that's exactly why Faith matters so much! Natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free and Ethical aren’t just buzzwords to FAITH IN NATURE, they are the basis of everything they do. 
We love that one of the things people love most about these products is how wonderful they smell. But the credit should really go to nature — because everything in the range has 100% natural fragrance. 
Happy shopping.......... 
The T's & C's 
Ruby and the Angel can withdraw this offer at any time without prior notice 
Offer expires on 31/03/2021 
No restrictions on how many times you can shop or refill 
Click and Collect is available 
Free local delivery is available 
NO FREE POSTAGE available on this offer 
Use the discount code PLANETLOVE at checkout to qualify for the 30% discount 
We asked some friend and family what simple plastic swaps they’re making to help reduce their plastic waste. 
We’ve noticed some common simple swaps, such as green fingers growing their own veggies, taking a reusable bag to the shops and going to farmers markets to purchase loose products. we are pleased to say some of your top ideas are now stocked in our ECO shop 
We are constantly sourcing more Planet Loving gifts so keep up to date with how we are doing on our Social media channels or through he website.......thanks ECO WARRIORS! 
I use a reusable water bottle 
Buy loose fruit and veg un-bagged 
Have a bag for life/tote in my bag to use instead of plastic shopping bags 
Shop at local retailers who are leaders in plastic-free, buy British retailing 
I’m proud to say I’ve been growing my own vegetables and herbs in some of my planters since lockdown! 
I’ve started using the local green grocers (fruit is fresh, not in bags or any packaging at all). 
Always mindful of buying fruit/vegetables loose without plastic bags. 
I’ve returned to blocks of soap rather than bottled soap 
Moved to who gives a crap toilet paper – no plastic packaging and supporting building toilets campaign 
Buying local from the farm shop – take in your own containers for meats, fruit and veg 
Milk delivered rather than buying at the supermarket 
Rather than using plastic plant pots I use toilet rolls cut in half! 
I use soap instead of buying shower gels. 
I’m also going to make more effort to go to those local refilling stations for my everyday products 
Instead of using Sellotape when wrapping presents, I try to wrap in tissue paper without tape and use reusable giftbags instead. 
Many teabags used to contain plastic although I think most companies have got better with this. I try to drink loose leaf tea or buy Pukka which have been plastic free for a while. 
I carry around reusable cutlery when out and about so don’t have to use the plastic disposable ones provided in supermarkets. 
I’m also growing my own tomatoes on the windowsill. 
I have swapped from buying toilet roll at the supermarket to having ‘Who Gives A Crap’ plastic free toilet roll as it’s plastic free. 
I swapped to metal straws as a reusable alternative to paper straws. 
Compostable coffee pods from GRIND that can be put onto the compost heap. 
In beauty products I am very aware of unnatural/ plastic ingredients and packaging and have started enuring my cosmestics are palm oil free and chemical free 
I try to buy from local and UK based businesses. Loads of these sell their groceries, fruit and veg in loose form, which reduces plastic. 
I have swapped out cling film for beeswax. 
I have let myself run out of cling film and now only use beeswax. I rinse them after use, fold, and store in my kitchen drawer. 
I also carry a handy fold-up bag in my handbag at all times. 
We'd love to hear your own swaps in the comments below. 
Eco expansion opens up a world of shop local opportunities  
‘Planet Love’ is where Ruby and the Angel is heading this spring as it launches a range of environmentally-sensitive, ethically-sourced merchandise for him, her and the home. 
The retail business, ranked one of Britain’s Best Small Shops in 2020, is based in Debenham, Suffolk and has recently opened an additional retail outlet housed in their sister company Simply Stylish at Cross Green, Debenham, opposite its well-established gift shop on the village high street. 
The new shop, ‘Ruby and the Angel Eco’ offers a range of planet-loving, sustainably-produced gifts and household products all of which satisfy vegan, organic, 100% natural, and/or eco-friendly credentials. Plastic free, fair trade and a ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ ethic is central to the business’s sourcing policy and a selection of its new lines will also feature replenishing options that will allow customers to purchase items, then return their empty bottles as when required. 
“As a business we are committed to reducing the use of single plastic and are trying very hard to be more environmentally focused and protect the planet where we can. Our customers are becoming more eco-conscious too, and so extending our product-base to include more eco-friendly items is a natural progression. Our planet loving range offers beautiful, high-quality products for your interiors, your personal care and well-being, and as gorgeous gift ideas,” said Tammy, owner of Ruby and the Angel. 
Many of R&A’s new eco brands include items made from recycled materials, such as glass, textiles, utensils and stationery. It also offers a comprehensive selection of naturally-derived, sustainably-produced body, skin and hair care products. 
The dedicated ECO range is available to order online at and in store once lockdown is over. 
Customers can also find out the latest additions to the ECO range, news, reviews and can take part in competitions to win various gifts and treats on Ruby and the Angel’s social media pages give us a LIKE here to keep up to date. 
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