Afternoon tea jELLYCAT style 
February is the month of love and there is nothing we love more than jELLYCATS, cake, tea and spreading some love. With this in mind we have the perfect Valentines competition for you! 
You can win the adorable range of jELLYCAT afternoon tea cakes and a bottle of prosecco to sit back and admire your new cuties. 
This bundle worth over £100 could be yours: 
Pretty Patisserie Gateaux is the fashionista of the cake world. With three gorgeous tiers of fuzzy sponge, cream icing ruffles and a bold cherry hat in scarlet and green, this chunky cutie brings kooky couture! Make the catwalk a cakewalk and strike a scrummy pose! 
Pretty Patisserie Tarte Aux Fraises has snatched the crown in style! This shortcrust scamp has a snug pastry shell and a coronet of splendid strawberries! With stretchy fur, a silly smile and a cuddly crème pâtissière top, this pie is catwalk-parfait! 
Pretty Patisserie Dome Framboise loves to make an entrance! The squishy pink sweetie is super-stretchy and sits on a golden pastry base. Wearing a chic raspberry beret with stitchy seeds and a bold green leaf, this scrummy stylista loves fruit couture! 
Bonjour to this cheery choux bun! Pretty Patisserie Religieuse is a jolly jester and chunky chum. Beautifully baked in golden pastry, with a piped cream ruff and scrumbly melted-chocolate fur, this bonny bouffon brings chuckles and snuggles! Enchanté! 
Amuseable Red Heart has a bit of a crush on someone! Just check out that secretive smile and cherry-red blush. Perhaps if you give one of those dark chocolate boots a squeeze and hold this gorgeous chum up to your ear, you'll find out who it is! 
Amuseable Teapot is short, stout and splendid! In minty grey with a soft loop of handle, bobbly lid and curving spout, this plump chinaware chum is intent on brewing up a soothing cup or three! An all-round good'un with suedey accents and a reassuring grin. 
PLUS a bottle of fizz and a bundle of love heart sweets 
HOW TO ENTER instore 
Every item you buy from us weather it be a £1.20 card, a sale item or a cashmere jumper we will give you a raffle ticket, the more items you buy the more tickets you get, giving you more chances to win! 
All purchases made at Ruby and the Angel or from Ruby and the Angel ECO from 2nd February - 18th February will qualify 
The winner will be chosen on Monday 20th February 
HOW TO ENTER via social media 
Enter via our Facebook page or Instagram page 
Tag your friends, each friend you tag gives you an entry, so if you tag 5 friends you will get entered 5 times! 
Tag away as many times as you like between 2nd February - 18th February 
The winner will be chosen on Monday 20th February 
HOW TO ENTER online 
Head to our sign up section at the bottom of our contact page, sign up with your email and we will enter you automatically 
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