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Long Lasting. Washable, durable and reusableover 200 times...Soooo handy: Self-adhesive, waterproof, malleable, foolproof.
Saves £s: Surprisingly ‘eco’nomical - savings for your bank balance & the planet.
Safer: Inspired by nature: plastic and toxin-free – 100% biodegradable and compostable.
A set of 3 each with a different size:
Small 21x31cm | Medium 25x31cm | Large 32x31cm
Ideal for packed lunch boxes, sandwiches and more!
• Easy to use- just wrap how feels right/natural to you!
• Malleable- mould to fit around anything, they are thick enough and rigid enough to take form around anything.
• Reusable- when utilised correctly each lasts for around a year.
• Washable- use cold water and washing up liquid after each use, then pat dry with a clean towel.
• 100% natural ingredients, organic cotton and completely compostable after use.
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