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Magnesium 375 Capsules - 180 capsules - £16.95
According to official data 72% of women and 42% of men in the UK fail to consume sufficient dietary magnesium. Subsequently, magnesium insufficiency has become commonplace. The effects of magnesium insufficiency are wide-ranging and include the occurrence of muscle cramps, fatigue and many symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. This important mineral is essential for bone growth and the proper functioning of nerves and muscles, especially those of the heart and lungs. A magnesium supplement is the ideal way to safeguard against a deficiency and bolster body stores, provided that the supplement contains a good level of the mineral and that it is in a form, which the body can easily absorb and utilise.Lamberts® new Magnesium 375 product provides the full 100% NRV of magnesium. This is an excellent level of magnesium and it is provided in the form of a unique blend of 4 different magnesium compounds - Hydroxide, Oxide, Citrate and Carbonate. This one a day tablet is an excellent partner for most multivitamin formulas and an ideal choice for those clients that prefer a smaller tablet size.
Lamberts® Magnesium 375 provides 100% NRV of magnesium
Easy to swallow tablets
One a day formula
Unique blend of 4 different magnesium compounds
Magnesium contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and the normal functioning of the nervous system
It also contributes to maintaining normal muscle function, including the heart muscle
And is also increasingly recognised as a nutrient that contributes to a

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