Pure soap for filthy people 
Want to get #inthenuddy with us? Hell Yeah! 
The mission is simple. To reignite a love affair between you and a bar of soap. 
1. Get Nude 
2. Lather up 
3. Feel the love 
This is the soap that you didn’t know you needed. You’re going to LOVE us. 
We’re a generation conscious about anything and everything; what we eat, what we wear, where we travel - the world as a whole. But let’s take some time out and go back to basics. Every morning you’ll wake up, eat your avo on toast, drink your almond milk latte then take a shower. Do you ever stop and think about what your using to wash that beautiful body of yours? It might be time to reconsider... 
The majority of soaps and body washes on the market are, not only full of rubbish, but also packaged using plastic materials. This new range of soaps are proud to be 100% plastic free and created using only the best ingredients, right here in the UK. This soap is created using a shea butter base, making it vegan friendly and inclusive to just about every Tom, Francesca + Harriet. 
So ditch the shower gel and have a fling with us! It can be our dirty little secret. 
Unless you’ve been snoozing under a rock, you’ll be starting to notice that plastic isn’t all that fantastic and it’s time to mix things up a little. I don’t know about you but where we use it most is when we go for a soak. Tossing plastic bottles into a little tower of terror outside our shower doors, is recycling it really enough? 
We think no – it’s time to join the plastic revolution. And while we’re making some changes why not start with the good stuff. We’re talking soaps. 
You’d kinda, somehow forgotten about them hadn’t you? Well there’s really no better time we are revolutionising your love for soap, one deliciously scented bar at a time. 
Stocking five bars that not only make you smell like the absolute goddess that you are, make your skin softer than silk and transport you to tropical destinations – but they’re all also vegan and packaged in biodegradable little boxes with zero plastic used. 
The bars are a splash of guilt-free goodness that block out the damage caused by shower gels and soaps. Which between you and me is actually quite a lot. Think about it, do you actually know what’s actually inside the brightly coloured tubes you bubble all over your bod? Probs not. We can tell you exactly what goes inside our scrumptious coconut, lime and lemon, peppermint, mango and pink grapefruit – and it’s all good news! 
We’re moving towards a world where we all care a little more about the skin and world we live in and we feel that our generation is the one for change, so join us, grab your bar of soap, charge towards the shower and be part of the revolution. 
Words by Chloé Olivia Laing. 
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