Soap bars with real interest as this is the biggest shift in cleansing habits in 30 or more years. Traditional cleansing blocks have undergone a modern makeover and are ticking all the right design and environmental boxes, appealing to a new generation of conscious consumers. 
The global mandate to reduce plastic packaging, a growing focus on waterless products formulated without (or with less) water coupled with a hipster economy and a strong craft sector championing artisanal products have collided to spawn a soap bar boom. 
But that’s not all: consumers are in a lather over harsh chemicals in beauty products, and liquid soap, with its foaming agents and detergents versus soap bars made from oils and fats, mean that bar soap is not only gentler on the environment but on the body too. For a washed-out consumer for whom over-zealous skin cleaning has led to compromised skin conditions ranging from sensitivity to eczema and dermatitis, soap bars offer a gentle solution. Isn’t it cheering to see that soap, first recorded by the Babylonians circa 3000 years BC, and safely used by humans ever since, is once again raising the bar when it comes to cleanliness? 
Bars are the stars in latest research: 
Bar soap uses one-fifth of the energy to produce compared to liquid soap. 
More liquid soap than bar soap is used when we wash our hands. 
Soap bars contain fewer chemicals than liquid soap - our range of NUDDY soaps are vegan friendly, completely plastic free and 100% nutural ingrediants. 
Liquid soap uses 20 times more packaging and contains more water, making it heavier and more expensive to transport. 
What the serious researchers didn’t mention is just how decorative soap bars are, nice to give, nice to get and lovely to leave on display. Plus they’re relatively inexpensive, long-lasting and perfect for scenting a lingerie drawer. You can’t say that about liquid soap. 
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