Lual is one of London’s hottest new producers of unique, handmade, statement earrings launched by Lucy Hinchliffe in Spring 2017. 
“My love for all things bright and beautiful started as a young child when I did dancing and my mother’s favourite saying was ‘It’s not a costume if it doesn’t sparkle’. No amount of glitter was ever enough! 
Over the years Lual amassed a vast array of bling and always found themselves receiving compliments whilst wearing other peoples work. So they got to making and their hobby soon turned into this business. As they say ‘do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’.” 
Each product is designed and handmade in London with the utmost attention to care and quality with love from Lual and are available in clip on backing as well as pierced. 
If you are new to the scene then we can help bring you up to speed with the following articles: 
As if you don’t know! But just so we are clear…Statement earrings are a special type of earring which attract attention for ALL the right reasons. Some people incorrectly believe that ‘attention seeking’ earrings automatically qualify as ‘statement earrings’ or are synonymous – They do/are not. 
You can find some hilarious and cringe inducing examples of over-the-top/tacky design that some would argue make a statement and we would agree, just for the wrong reasons. One further point, just to be clear, expensive does not necessarily equate to either stylish OR desirable so when it comes to statement earrings – shop wisely. 
We define Statement Earrings as: “Earring which invite favourable attention from others by demonstrating bold, original, and unique designs with innovative construction and material combinations.” 
We would add our more subjective slant to this though, not included in the definition, to suggest that statement earrings should include one or ideally more of the following design features: 
• Sparkles 
• Bold and colourful 
• Dangles 
• Tassel 
Lu-al strive to bring you new and evolving earrings to stay on trend & looking fabulous we also try to ensure that you don’t have to expend an exorbitant amount of your monthly income in order to secure the look you deserve. 
Knowing how to pick statement earrings is far from trivial if you want to get it right. There are a number of important factors to take into consideration and this brief overview should provide you with a pretty good idea of whether you are onto a winner or not. 
Key factors to consider when picking statement earrings: 
Tailor your selection to match as many of the following points as possible: 
• Face Shape 
• Hairstyle 
• Other Jewellery (Necklace/Rings) 
• Accessories (Bag/Shoes/Car) 
• Occasion 
• Personality 
• Desired Statement 
If you address each of the above then you can be confident that your overall outfit and visual impact is cohesive and invites praise and desirable attention. If you badly neglect any one item and you could find yourself being photographed for the wrong reasons. 
Keep it simple, sharp, and don’t try to achieve too much. 
Face Shape 
Faces can be described by shape – oblong, oval, round, heart-shaped, square, rectangular, diamond, triangular, etc. These shapes help determine the most flattering hair styles, as well as the most flattering earring styles. 
Longer face shapes like the oblong, oval, rectangular or inverted triangle faces, which have a longer distance from forehead to chin, often look best with lengthy drop or dangle earrings. Using a long drop earring accents the shape of the face, as opposed to working against it, thereby creating a more flattering overall look. Don’t be afraid to be bold – go for oversized hoops or longer designs. 
Shorter face shapes like round and triangle faces tend to look better with statement studs or short drop earrings like our small tassels. Perhaps a single clip or a small drop, maybe even a medium sized hoop earring. Ladies with more petite face shapes should make sure the earring does not drop below the chin. Keeping the earring short and high flatters the face and brings attention up to the face as the lady is talking. 
Wider face shapes like the diamond, triangle, square and inverted triangle often have prominent cheek bones, which lead the eye up naturally toward the eyes and ears. These ladies can get by with statement earrings – large oversized hoops or wider drop styles. 
Your hairstyle is an important determinant. Short hair styles typically call for shorter styles in earrings – Consider small to medium hoops, dangles or studs. Go for bolder styles if your face shape is wider and more petite styles if your face shape is rounder. 
Long hair styles often call for longer earrings and bolder statements, otherwise they get lost in your hair. Try something with movement that will move with the hair and with the face. When you wear your hair up, you have the opportunity to make a strong colour statement. If you wear it long, go for adornments which move and flow – keeping in mind the length of the dangle, according to your face shape. 
Other jewellery (Necklace/Rings) 
Make sure that you have the right complement of bling, and each item should match your item – beware necklace vs. neckline ‘collisions’. 
Hold your hand up to your chin and push your hair behind your ear, if the culmination of seeing your ring(s)/necklace/earrings alongside doesn’t work – remove/rethink. 
This really depends on your workplace and industry and one I think you could judge better than us! To be on the safe side opt for a small dangle, tassel earring or statement stud and steer away from your large hoop dangles. 
Now’s not the time to make a statement. This is the bride’s day, not yours. Find an earring that compliments your outfit well and stay away from weird and wonderful. 
Nights Out 
Go big or go home we say. Nights out are meant for getting dressed up in your finest. So make a real statement with you earrings and go something bright and sparkly that really pop against your outfit. 
To be honest we think you can and SHOULD wear statement earrings all day….every day! 
What’s your personality? 
Are you an elegant, classic beauty who doesn’t like to stray too far outside her fashion comfort zone and prefers quality over quantity? Invest in a few key pieces of fine jewellery that are small and quite simple like studs or small drop earrings. 
Corporate go-getters, or chic citytypes, choose earrings with straight edges, like squares, rectangles, or triangular shapes. You can get away with a bit of colour and sparkle but don’t overdo it. It needs to compliment your outfit rather than draw too much attention away from you. 
If you are the alternative type, that wears conflicting patterns and colours look for one of a kind kitsch pieces that not many people are likely to have. You want earrings that make people stop and take a second look. 
Desired Statement 
Ultimately you have to ask yourself what kind of statement you want to make and only you can answer that! 
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